Can Botox allow me to look refreshed without looking unnatural

Can I look refreshed & younger without looking like a “housewife”?
Q- I have been thinking about trying Botox but am afraid that I will look fake or frozen? How can this be avoided?
A-Botox can be placed many different ways. It is often best to use less the first time and see the patient back in 2 weeks to assess the results.  You can always add more if needed.
Q- I would love to have my lips enhanced but don’t want the “duck look”. Why do some people wind up looking like a duck and what can be done to avoid this outcome?
A-Ideally filler should replace lost volume to give you a look that approaches what you used to have.  The worst thing is to overfill one area and create a disconnect with surrounding areas or give someone a size or shape that isn’t their natural one.
Q- Why do prices for fillers/Botox seem to vary from place to place? If another clinic is offering the same exact products at a lower price wouldn’t it make sense to go with the cheaper deal?
A-Like most things in life, the highest quality is not usually cheap.  People often don’t realize how much of an art injectables are or just how much your results can vary from injector to injector.  Good facial rejuvenation is truly and art and it takes a very skilled and talented injector to achieve natural looking results.
Q- What key questions should I ask when shopping for a cosmetic injector? How can I tell if someone is a novice or master level injector?
A-Your injector should be skilled enough to take into account your concerns but should have an artistic eye and the ability to assess your whole face rather than just an isolated area of volume loss.  Novice injectors have a tendency to inject directly into folds or wrinkles without determining the underlying cause. (For example a novice injector will focus on injecting into nasolabial folds (the parenthesis around your mouth) rather than realizing that these creases are actually caused by mid-face volume loss and the more natural approach would be to inject the mid-face and not the folds themselves.)
Q- What steps can be taken to minimize risks and reduce my chances of having a bad outcome?
A-Injecting into or around a blood vessel (vascular compression) is the biggest risk factor of dermal fillers.  Experienced injectors have a better feel for where blood vessels are located and are better equipped to avoid this complication.  An experienced and responsible injector will utilize a blunt tipped microcannula whenever possible which allows the injector to virtually avoid this complication all together. Be sure to ask your injector if they currently utilize a microcannula and what their protocol is to manage potential complications.
Q- What if I was previously injected with dermal filler and I am unhappy with the result or what if I get injected and I don’t like the results, is there something I can do to reverse the filler?
A-People are not often aware that the most popular fillers are mostly reversible by simply using a specific enzyme in a tiny Botox syringe (very quick & easy procedure). In addition, often there is simply the need to add more volume to complete the contour and that usually takes care of it.
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